June 14 2017

Muscle Imbalances and Scoliosis – by Karena Thek  author of Scolio-Pilates

Scoliosis is a beautiful study in how muscles adapt to the situation they are given. But it’s fair to ask questions of this adaptation … Are the adapted muscles strong? Are they weak? Or are there some of each? Or maybe they aren’t strong or weak? Maybe they are perfectly suited to the job at hand – supporting the vertebral changes of scoliosis.


Weak and Strong Muscles of Scoliosis?

The muscles of scoliosis can’t accurately be referred to as weak or strong if they are all supporting the spine just as they should be, given the shape of the spine they are supporting. The more severe the scoliosis, the more the muscles will change to conform; not just to the shape but also in ways that make everyday living with scoliosis possible. If they didn’t, even the slightest scoliosis would create pain as muscles and nerves and connective tissue would become impinged – which sometimes does occur, but more on that in another article.


How do the muscles conform?

Due to the shape of the scoliosis, some muscles are long as they are given more space to “live” in and some are short because they are given less space to “live” in.


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