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This edition’s community presentation comes out of Chicago where Pilates Plus studio owner and author, Eme Cole resides.  First off, I want to express what a pleasure it’s been to have Eme contribute. Her energetic enthusiasm comes through in all her communication while at the same time, you know you can rely on her to tell it like it is.

“Pilates on the Stand Up Paddle Board combines 2 great core workouts to build strength, flexibility and balance in an outdoor environment. Developing Pilates-inspired exercises for the Stand Up Paddle Board helped me fall in love with both Pilates mat work and my city (Chicago) all over again. When I’m practicing Pilates in the studio I’ve owned since 2002, I can’t help but be slightly distracted by the fact that I’m at work. When I’m floating on Lake Michigan, with Chicago’s towering skyline and its related stressors far off in the distance, I can focus completely on the movements, my form, my breathing, and the warmth of the sun above. In the summer, I strive to start each week with a water session!”

pilates encycEme Cole is a former collegiate gymnast and earned an MS in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was certified in Pilates by The PhysicalMind Institute. Eme is inspired to create and collect new Pilates exercises to suit the needs of her clients as well as herself, which has lead to her publishing the Pilates Expanded Photo Encyclopedia books which include over 1400 exercises (available on

Pilates Intel would like to extend thanks to you, Eme, we are impressed with your innovation, generosity, initiative and accomplishments. It is no surprise to us that you enjoy a great success, and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Want to learn more about Eme? Check out her studio here.

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