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…created to advocate and to enrich a deeper  knowledge of the Pilates technique through sharing with and challenging each other.
I think that a worthwhile ambition for all of us is to expand our knowledge, share our knowledge, and be open to all good, intelligent Pilates, no matter from what origin/style.
And for this reason I am putting time and effort into building a global community of Pilates instructors.  It is my great hope that you and I will participate, will  benefit, and most of all ENJOY being a part of the Pilates Intel community .
This global community has Pilates instructors as its main advocacy group, those that have studied and dedicated much time to enriching their lives with Pilates.  Nonetheless, EVERYONE is absolutely welcome and encouraged to benefit from this community.


Why I love Pilates…

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Pilates is a highly nuanced activity where intuition has value, and it requires a vigilant readiness to observe beyond the known, with sensitivity and intensity, to extract the more profound aspects of the work that is available to those who dare.  With this approach Pilates can radically raise the quality of life of the individual, and in so doing take evolution forward. Following rules and tradition may offer a sense of comfort, value and belonging, but one must transcend the need for these in order to experience greater depth.

My deep attraction to Pilates is derived from the intelligence and completeness of the technique.  Working intensely and sensitively in the Pilates Technique not only strengthens the body, but also provides the potential to to deepen into that vast greatness that the WHOLE human being is.  It is a passion of mine not only to teach the fitness aspect of the Pilates Technique, but to encourage my clients to go beyond the exercises, and to perceive for themselves while going through their workout, the very depth that they are.  Certainly an ambitious endeavor I believe we all share.

And that is why…

Pilates Intel is a free newsletter presenting articles from writers around the world. It endeavors to present articles that speak to those who yearn for a greater depth.  It speaks to those that dare to QUESTION and CHALLENGE, openly, beliefs and ideas —  as well as their respective Pilates training form.  This is one way that we can expand ourselves by going  BEYOND our training and comfort zones


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