Brett holds regular classes at Inmo Medveten Träning in Stockholm, Sweden

Tuesday 18:00 – Pilates Mat

Saturday 09:45 – Garuda Standing and Mat

Saturday 10:45 – Pilates Mat

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Heard About Brett

Thank you so much for your workshops yesterday, what an inspiring experience!! Dynamic approach is so needed in Pilates in general.. Too often Pilates is just movements with the core engaged (and a lot of information in your head!), but the flow and the quality of the movement is missing.. You really gave us a feeling of flow in your class while teaching us the principles. It all felt really good in the body. Rita Härkin – Helsinki

You inspire us with your enthusiasm, commitment and philosophy. Transform a physical training to a spiritual experience. I have never been active before and never have understood why one needs physical exercise. I thought that building muscle was just vanity in my foolishness. You have opened my eyes and made me realize the true meaning of it.  Last but by no means least, you have a sense of humour and makes it more fun.  – Man Chiu Leung   Stockholm

I experienced one of my best personal Pilates class with Brett. His insight in Pilates and competence to instruct firmly and high levelled, but yet gently and trustworthy created a superb and inspiring class! – Mona Stedenfeldt   Trondheim, Norway

Hello, thanks for class and keeping the institution of visionary Pilates going. Jonathan Feldman, Stockholm